Child Development

Personality development of a person is not possible without strengthening him physically, vitally, mentally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. Therefore, all round development of a person is also necessary along with his character-building. Such development should be started from his very childhood so that he should be able to face the challenges of life courageously and to lead an ideal and exemplary life when he grows.

Physical Development

During our life, it is the body which is used maximum. Life cannot proceed without body. Hence, it is most important to keep the body fit. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body only. A man can do any work properly only when he has a healthy body. All the rest developments are dependant on physical development.

There is a saying–"Foremost pleasure is a body free from disease," that is if the body is healthy then only other comforts can be experienced. If the body is unhealthy, then no other type of pleasure can be enjoyed. There is a dictum in Sanskrit—ójhjek|a [kyq /keZlk/kue~] which means that body is the foremost medium to perform any type of duty. Characteristics of a healthy body are:—


1.     First characteristic of healthy body is to perform their own work well by all the external and internal organs of body. The internal organs of body are- stomach, heart, lungs etc. In the language of science they are named as digestive system, blood circulation system, respiration system etc. Body remains healthy only if all such organs function properly. If Blood, bones, flesh marrows, nerves etc in the body are in good working condition then only health can be considered good.


2.     Second characteristic of healthy body is physical vigour. Only powerful body would be able to do heavy works; would be able to do more work and for a longer time; would feel less tired; would seldom fall ill. Even if he falls ill, he will recover soon. If he has strength in his body, he would be able to lift more weight, would cover more distance in race and would also be able to do daring deeds.


3.     Third characteristic of healthy body is skill in doing work. If our senses of perception and acting organs do their work properly, do it promptly and with novelty, then it would be called dexterity. Artistic skill can be developed only by doing the work with dexterity. Dexterity is a great thing in practical life.


4.     Fourth characteristic of healthy body is tolerance. Cold, heat, rain, hunger, thirst, awakening, tiredness etc. are the hardships befalling the body. Although these pains should not be undergone knowingly but if such suffering be falls circumstantially, then the body must have competence to tolerate that. In case there is no arrangement of water or food, our body should be able to manage without that for 10-20 hours. If one has to remain awaken throughout night in the preparation of some function, body should be such that it also remains fresh the very next day also.


5.     Fifth characteristic of healthy body is flexibility i.e. ability to turn the body as required to be turned. With this type of flexibility, we are able to play well, able to dance well and able to do work well. Due to flexibility in the body, muscles and bones can function better, able to bear injury and the danger of their fracture becomes less even in old age also.


Vital  Development

Vital power is the base of life. The entire activity of life occurs due to vital power only. The man becomes energetic and brilliant only if flow of vital power in his body remains proper. Owing to vital development, not only the body becomes powerful but the power of brain also increases, the subtle and occult matters can also be understood easily. Memory becomes sharp. All the functioning of the organs is performed by the vital air remaining inside them. Without vital air, even the healthy body would not be able to accomplish any work. Vital power can be termed as abstract of all the form of strength, brilliance and power.

Mental Development

Mental development of the child is also very necessary. Without making the mind concentrated, balanced, controlled and thoughtful, it is impossible to visualize the mental development of the child. Mental development is determined through senses of perception. Ideas, feeling and sentimentality are the three levels of Mental Sheaths. The development of mind means cleansing of its negative mental tendencies and increasing the human quality in it. To avoid evil mental impressions and the practice of inclination towards good thoughts is the backbone of mental development. Mental development leads a man to live a blissful life.

Intellectual Development

It is very essential to develop the intellectual capabilities of a child. Intellectual capabilities are of many kinds—memory, power of retention, inspection, testing, comparison, discretion, decision, reasoning, estimation, imagination and creativity etc. To express the acquired knowledge on practical surface by ready wit and knowing, understanding, analysis, synthesis and extinct, memorize and expressing it again, ability of diagnosis of complicated problems, sharp intellect, wisdom, knowledge, desire, competence of compering an action, exploration of truth and decision making power are the main characteristics of intellectual development.

Spiritual Development

Spiritual development causes the development of blissful sheath. Love, aesthetic sense, creativity, philosophy, invention, intense experience of pleasure & pain and experiencing delight are the different forms of blissful sheath. Spiritual development intends—awakening of good tendencies and treating society as the gigantic form of God, selfless service and abiding by one’s own duty. For experiencing the true nature of the soul and its manifestation our limited consciousness is constantly in search of that limitless consciousness. Sequence of spiritual development of a person starts with this search.

Social Development

A person is a very small unit of the various parts of development namely family, neighbourhood, society, country, world and the whole universe/creation. He cannot live in isolation. He depends on the society, country and nature for all his requirements. These requirements inspire him to establish his relationship with the society and nature and live in harmony with them.

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