Role & Responsibility of Sanskar Guru at Vatika

All the activities in Sanskaram Vatika(s)/Gurukul would be organized under the aegis of Sanskar-Guru, who will act as friend, facilitator and mentor for the children and become an instrument in their integrated harmonious development and building their character while laying the foundation of their Modern Education. Main Role & Responsibility of Sanskar Guru at Sanskar Vatika(s)/Gurukul are as under:


1.           The Sanskar Guru(s) will act as friend, facilitator and mentor for the children and become an instrument in their integrated harmonious development and building their character while laying the foundation of their Modern Education.


2.           Sanskar Guru(s) are expected to understand the psychology of the children under her, their behavior, their attitudes, aptitudes, abilities, likes and dislikes, the environment in his/her home and the traditions of his/her family.


3.           Sanskar Guru(s) would also identify the negative and positive tendencies of children under her and assist them in eliminating the negative ones, and strengthening the positive ones and also create such situations, which would inspire the children in imbibing those human values which are lacking in them. Sanskar Guru(s) would make use of various innovative and flexible methods and process of Sanskar to achieve the best and transform children in to good human being.


4.           The Sanskar Guru(s) would conduct/organise especially designed value rich programmes/activities like music, dance, drama, storytelling, mass singing, prayers, art & craft activities, audio-visual programmes, film and cartoon shows, computer and board games, indoor/outdoor games, role plays, painting, debates, workshops, symposiums, tours  etc. in such a way that along with fun, pleasure and enjoyment, children would inadvertently imbibe human values in their subconscious without being aware of them. Through these specially designed activities, innovative methods and approach, human values would be imbibed by the children themselves in their subconscious which ultimately would become an integral part of their character. These programmes/activities at the Sanskaram Vatika(s)/Gurukul would be organized in such a way that whole hearted participation of children is ensured. These value rich programmes/activities would be planned according to the age group of the children.


5.           The Sanskar Guru(s) would create an intimate environment where children would feel oneness with them and could mix-up with them in such a way that they would trust and have total faith in her.


6.           The Sanskar Guru(s)  would behave like a mother who plays, acts and sometimes imitates her child to remove psychological barriers between them and would inspire them to elevate their character develop Integrated Harmonious Personality and also make them curious to study modern subjects.


7.           The Sanskar Guru(s) would also interact and develop rapport with Parents of their pupils by frequent, useful and meaningful, interactions to understand their family environment, atmosphere and traditions as well as the weakness and strengths. Sanskar Guru(s) would communicate and advice the parents in an informal and cordial way in case their family environment/atmosphere is required to be improved to make it conducive for Integrated Harmonious Development of their children.


8.           The Sanskar Guru(s) would also invite the parents periodically to Sanskaram Vatika(s)/Gurukul and arrange enrichment programme for them. The such programme would be planned carefully and exhaustively with inbuilt flexibility.


9.           The Sanskar Guru(s) will prepare and maintain a record of each child containing their observations on weekly basis regarding his/her skills/conduct and behavior. A cumulative report would be prepared periodically.


10.       The Sanskar Guru(s) would create and maintain a nature friendly and holistic environment/atmosphere in Sanskaram Vatika(s)/Gurukul. They are also expected to decorate the Sanskaram Vatika(s)/Gurukul and keep its surroundings neat, clean and beautiful.


11.       The Sanskar Guru(s) would also interact with various artists such as singers, dancers, magicians, puppeteers etc and invite them to perform their programmes at Sanskaram Vatika(s)/Gurukul to provide a broad spectrum experience to the children.

In brief the role and responsibilities of Sanskar Guru(s) are multidimensional and Sanskar Guru(s) would help to children for their Integrated Harmonious Development and Character Elevation. They would not be gurus only, they would become Trend Setters.


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