Sanskar Guru



We have devised a unique concept of Sanakar Guru for integrated harmonious development of children. The Sanskar Guru is a combination of ANCIENT GURU AND MODERN IDEAL TEACHER.


These Sanskar Guru(s) are especially trained through an intensive and very innovative training programme which include Early Childhood Care And Education (ECCE), Communication Skills, Computer Course, Sanskrit and English. They would also be acquainted with the various dimensions of Human Values and Qualities, the Process of Sanskar, its Philosophy and its effect on the conduct and behaviour of the children and methods of conducting/organizing programmes and activities at SanskaramVatika. During the training period, they will also learned Srimad Bhagwad Geeta and Indian Epics etc. They will also be trained in play way method, demonstration method, learning by doing method and experimental method. They have the expertise in celebrating the festivals, organizing tour programmes etc. Sanskar Guru(s) have the expertise in using of modern technologies of communications, computers & social media etc.


These specially trained Sanskar Guru(s) will guide and inspire the children to transform themselves into a good human being. Sanskar-Guru will act as friend, facilitator and mentor for the children and become an instrument in their integrated harmonious development and building their character while laying the foundation of their Modern Education.


The Sanskar Guru(s) themselves would be true followers of human values; believe in “simple living and high thinking”; would work with missionary zeal and would enjoy working with young children. They would be lively, energetic and creative. The conduct &behaviour of Sanskar-guru(s) would be such that they could become the Role Models for the children and inspire them through their conduct, behaviour and multidimensional personality to imbibe human values and could be mix-up with them in such a way that they trust and have total faith in her and revere.


By virtue of this specially acquired ability, the Sanskar Guru(s) would act as “Catalyst” in expediting the process of inculcating human values in the children and would transform them into exemplary and ideal persons and empower them to face the challenges of life courageously.

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