Education of Today

Education today does focus on science, technology and commerce but lacking in developing the person vitally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Nowadays, a man is considered educated if he has qualified some prescribed examination or can talk eloquently, irrespective of his personal qualities i.e. value, character and conduct. Today’s education has become the study of books and collection of information. It is not related to real life and/or total environment.

It does not pay adequate attention to man’s harmony with society and nature, preservation of environment, inculcation of human values and formation of character. It does not transform the man in a good human being and keeps cut off totally from the society. The education imparted these days in schools and colleges prepares a person only for a wild goose chase where he keeps working endlessly like a machine towards a mirage. He lacks direction and lives only to earn money and physical comforts. The education which does not equip a person to face the challenges of life; does not inculcate the strengths of character; does not promote a spirit of philanthropy and the courage of a lion:-Is it worth its name? Real education transforms a man into a good human being and equips him to brave all the challenges of life.

Although the education of today does develop a person intellectually and economically and to some extent physically but vital, emotional, social & spiritual development is inconceivable without formation of character and inculcation of human values and ethics. Therefore integrated wholesome development of the man is not taking place. Therefore, it is essential that along with today’s education, the character also be built up if human values and qualities are also inculcated in a person which will be conducive in his social, cultural, emotional and spiritual development. The study of modern science, technology and commerce alone is incomplete and incomplete knowledge is always dangerous. A person with incomplete knowledge may turn into a well educated crook, a selfish and corrupt individual who may be, eventually, harmful to himself and society. For the all round development of a person, one needs to possess both - The knowledge of modern science and human values. It is the call of the day to integrate the modern science with human values. Only those, who adhere human values in their conduct and behaviour and make use of modern science and technology, can achieve the goals.

In the ancient Gurukul system, knowledge of the physical subjects like science and technology and formation of character and spiritual development of a person were accorded equal importance and it continued from the beginning to the conclusion of education in the Gurukuls. Education, then offered social, cultural, spiritual and emotional development and also provided intense relatedness with society and nature.

Later, due to inordinate desire for physical comforts and amenities, the focus drifted to develop a person intellectually & economically. The social, emotional and spiritual dimensions became subordinate.

Science, technology and commerce can be taught but human values cannot be taught. Whatever is taught is registered in the brain but registering human values on the brain does not transform the man into good human. Human values have to be inculcated in a person during his childhood in such a way that these reflect in his conduct; become his guiding force and adherence to human value becomes an integral part of his nature. To make it possible human values are to be imbibed by him during his formative years, for which ‘Sanskar’ has been the only scientific and time tested method since ancient ages. No other method can yield the desired result.

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