Crisis of Values

In the entire universe, the human life is the most precious and sacred. It is the rarest and the noblest. The absolute humanness is pure, unsullied and beyond any attributes. Only a human being can think, understand, decide and accomplish a thing and act as no other living being can. Only man can invent, explore and progress in new areas. Therefore, human life is called the ‘Life of action’ and other lives are only epicure (voluptuous).

As a society, we have progressed a lot and continue to move ahead in different areas relating science, technology and commerce. Today people have more resources, power and wealth at their command than ever before but the use or misuse of available resources depends upon the attitude/thinking of the user. The availability of so many resources can be harmful, if misapplied.

Today we are passing through a period of serious cultural turmoil & devoid of values. Most of the people today are living in their own world of pleasure so much, it looks that morality and ethics have vanished from their lives. Today most of the people have fallen victims to negative mental tendencies/instincts like anger, passion, pride, greed, envy, ego, impatience, infatuation. Most of the youths of today want to go fast at a bullet speed leaving others behind. They want to make quick money So, sometimes, even they don’t hesitate to adopt unethical methods and many a time they take to frauds and crimes. The unethical ways have multiplied whereas values and principles have decayed. The sacred human life is polluted by negative thoughts and evil desires, which have become a part and parcel of their attitude. The downfall of human values, morality and ethics in the society is the result of non-existence of the these values in the subconscious of today’s generation.

Although man has made commendable advancement in science, commerce and educational fields but has also become more selfish, greedy and aggressive. He has become self-centered and finds himself cut off from the society. He tried to find solace in the materialism but could not get success. Although people feel the presence of these negative mental tendencies in their day-to-day life but they are not aware when and how they have fallen victim of these negative tendencies. They are not able to find the solution. They are in a state of constant conflict which leads them to stress and anguish. The Value System today has been eroded and man finds himself at crossroads. He is caught in a dilemma. The binary forces of good and evil, pull him apart and the conflict between his personal desires & ambitions and values & ethics leaves him with a feeling of guilt whereas a person who grows up in a value based environment will be free from conflicts and pangs of conscience.

If human values and ethics are not imbibed by the people during their childhood and younger age, they may fall victims to the negative mental tendencies like anger, greed, possessiveness, envy, lust, impatience and as a result they may not come up to their own expectations or the expectations of the society. The negative tendencies may suppress the positive tendencies and may hamper their overall development. It may further cause depression, frustration and tension, which may, sometimes, initiate them into evil practices and crimes. The ultimate result is that the society is deprived of dynamic persons, who could contribute to its development.

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