Call of the Time

This is a matter of great concern and it needs to be attended to immediately to find an appropriate solution. If it is allowed to go on like this, the time is not far when sincerity, authenticity, ethics, integrity, responsibility, morality etc will vanish from the society. But if human values such as love, truthfulness, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, fortitude, equality, serenity, contentment, modesty, generosity, self-control, selfless-service and self-sacrifice are inculcated in the subconscious of a person during his/her childhood, adherence to these values would become a part of his/her nature and eventually man & women would become more valuable and useful not only for himself/herself but also for his/her family, society, country and entire universe. 

If human values and ethics are not imbibed by the people during their childhood and younger age, they may fall victims to the negative mental tendencies like anger, greed, possessiveness, envy, lust, impatience and as a result they may not come up to their own expectations or the expectations of the society. The negative tendencies may suppress the positive tendencies and may hamper their overall development. It may further cause depression, frustration and tension, which may, sometimes, initiate them into evil practices and crimes. The ultimate result is that the society is deprived of dynamic persons, who could contribute to its development.

If the person does not imbibe human values during the childhood, The Children can fall an easy prey to negative tendencies like anger, greed, ego, jealousy and violence. He cannot fulfil the expectations of the self, his family and the society. A solution to this problem needs to be searched without further delay. Whatever the religion, caste or creed of a person, it is essential to inculcate human values in a person during his childhood so that the coming generation may not be devoid of values. It is the collective responsibility of all of us to create such an environment which may enable a person to eradicate his negative tendencies and to imbibe human values in his childhood, so that he grows up into an exemplary and an ideal person. Children are the future not only of their family, but also of the society.

It is the moral duty of all of us to make children grow up to their optimum potential by enriching them vitally, emotionally, socially and spiritually in addition to physically and intellectually. This in turn will enrich and empower the society as such. It cannot be possible without institutional mechanism. This objective cannot be fulfilled merely by preaching or delivering lectures. Therefore developing a methodology based on the process of Sanskar defined in old Scriptures and adapting with today’s situations is the need of the time, as this being the only proven method since ancient ages.

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