Aim & Objective of setting up of Sanskaram Vatika(s)


To transform future generation into good human being which would be well developed physically, vitally, mentally, intellectually, socially and spiritually, able to face the challenges of life courageously and live an exemplary & ideal life in harmony with the society and nature.

Sanskaram Vatika(s) would be the day long modern learning Centre (more than a play or nursery School) for the kids to facilitate and assist them in their Character Building and Integrated Harmonious Development, in eradicating their Negative Mental Tendencies, and imbibing human values through process of Sanskar  and simultaneously laying the foundation of their modern education.


Sanskaram’ is going to set up the SanskarVatika(s) for the children of 2 to 5 years of age so that foundation would be laid for their integrated harmonious development in their premilinary stage and to facilitate and empower them in eradicating their negative mental tendencies and imbibing human values while laying the foundation for their modern education so that they become Ideal & Exemplary person when they grow. SanskarVatika(s) will provide joyful, holistic, nature-friendly & value-rich environment to children, where they immensely rejoice and get their negative mental tendencies wiped out and imbibe Human Values, Positive Attitude in their subconscious without being aware of them, build their character and develop their integrated harmonious personality by developing themselves physically, vitally, mentally (emotionally), intellectually, socially & spiritually. Presently we are in the process of preparing the mentor called "Sanskar Guru" and after training of Sanskar Guru we will start setting up the chain of Sanskaram Vatika(s). 


The main objective of creation of Institution(s) for Childrenis to provide the holistic and joyful environment to the children which enables them to imbibe human values and eradicate their negative mental tendencies. In these Institution(s) especially designed value rich, innovative programmes& activities would be organized in such an interesting way that the children would like them immensely and they would, along with fun, pleasure and enjoyment imbibe positive attitude and human values in their subconscious. These especially designed value-loaded programmes& activities would, inter-alia, include performing arts, spiritual activities, literary activities, creative art & craft, audio-visual programmes, Indoor/ outdoor games and physical activities. Besides, there will be other Social and outdoor activities such as plantation, social service, cultural programmes, celebration of festivals, workshops, symposiums, short-term camps, tours, excursions, visits to historical & religious places and interaction with children belonging to different socio-economic strata etc so that children may experience harmony and affinity with nature and society.


The main objectives for the establishment of sanskaramVatika(s) and children club  are as under:—

(i)    To facilitate the children in their integrated harmonious development—Physical, Vital, Mental, Intellectual, Social and Spiritual.

(ii)   To lay the foundation of their modern education by making them curious of learning the subjects like Science, Technology, Mathematics, Languages, Art and Music etc and developing their intellectual competance like memory, retention, inspection, examining, imagination, discretion and creativity etc.

(iii)  To assist them in purifying themselves mentally and in wiping out/eradicating their negative mental tendencies such as Anger (Krodh),Greed(Lobh), Lust (Kaamna),  Jealousy(Irshya), Malice (Dwesh-bhav),Partiality(Bhedbhav), Deceit (Kapat), Arrogance(Dambh),Violence(Hinsa), Selfishness (Swarth), Hatred(Ghrina), Fear (Bhaya),Obstinacy(Hatth), Hypocrisy(Pakhand) and Ego(Ahenkar) etc.

(iv)  To inspire them in imbibing ‘Human Values’ such as Truth (Satya), Compassion(Daya), Love(Prem), Tolerance(Sahishnuta), Fortitude (Dhairya),Serenity (Shanti), Contentment (Santosh), Generosity(Udarata), Asceticism(Tap), Self-Control (Sanyam), Purity(Shouch), Forgiveness(Kshamabhav), Curiosity (Jigyasa), Selfless-service (Seva-bhav) and Self-Sacrifice (Tyag) etc.

(v)   To empower them in acquiring human qualities which may transform  them into ideal and excellent personalities such as Cultured(Susanskrit),Duty-conscious (Kartavya- Nishth), Discreet (Viveksheel), Judicious (Nayay-sammat), Disciplined(Anushasit), Balanced(Santulit), Modest (Vinaysheel), Dedicated(Samarpit), Resolute(Dridh), Dynamic(Gatisheel), Industrious(Udyami), Responsible (Uttardai),Courageous(Saahasi), Energetic(Urjawan), Cheerful (Anandit), Harmonious(Milansaar), Self-confident(Atam-vishwaasi), Sublime(Tejasvi), Hospitable (Atithisatkari), Broad-minded(Vishaal-Hriday) and Positive attitude(SakaratmakSoch).

So that when they grow, would be Ideal & Exemplary Personality and would be able to face the challenges of life courageously.

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